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Modern Curriculum

AI-Enhanced Curriculum: Bridging Tech and Faith

Data Informed

Harnessing the power of data to meet the unique needs of the learner.

WHO we are

Understanding that empowers

That’s not a c that you see, but a ς (sigma), an homage to the origins of the word logos (λογος), a term coined the the Greek philosopher Heraclitus to mean the underlying logic and principles that govern all things.

At Logos Education Group, we seek to employ the “logos” for the purpose of education. We are collective of highly qualified remote learning professionals dedicated to building up the next generation.



Our commitment is to cultivate within our students a deep Christian faith


Providing the student a solid philosophical foundation for a Christian in today’s world


Emphasizing the consistent thread of Christian principles throughout the narrative of civilization


The student will master the tools necessary to be a productive and efficient member of society

Natural Science

Our approach to natural science integrates reverence for God’s creation with rigorous study


Our linguistics curriculum delves into the connection between language and the Word


For schools that want to complete their curriculum, or have an online contingent, Logos’ virtual teachers and instructional designers are at your disposal.


For families or organizations that lack financial resources, we still want to serve.


We provide opportunities to succeed

Logos offers a relationship suitable for any situation where you might have need of a helping hand. Let us partner with your family, your community, or your school in bringing up the next generation.

Our Staff

Teaching with a Servant's Heart

We are a tight-knit team of educators with a wide range of skills and experience, ready to serve.

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